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We source best raw materials and produce quality at our State-Of-Art manufacturing facility. A fully equipped in-house development which enable us to develop special products as per the requirements of customers. We have perfectly coordinated team of people with 22 or more years of experience who handle their jobs perfectly and completely familiar with materials, processes and machines they use on daily bases.

We insure that once designs are approved, each and every part, long term or short term, are monitored to assure that processes result in finished product that satisfy customer requirements. We are known for perfection and could build any molding and extruded products adds up to wide range of rubber items which includes Rubber Rollers, Scroll Rollers, Checkered Rollers, Conveyor Pulley, Inflatable Rubber Tubes (Air Bag), Ebonite Rollers, Spiral Rollers, Expanded Bars – Bow Roller, Rubber & Ebonite Lining, Rubber Moulded Articles… etc…

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