The products are specialized in manufacturing complete range of silicon Coated Insulation Cables which are capable of enduring temperature extreme. It is High heat resistance. Resistance to high temperature. Available in Single Core, Twin Core on Copper Conductors. It`s applications are Lighting Equipment, Home Appliances, Transformers, other Electrical Equipment.

Features :

  • High Heat Resistance.
  • Temp :   – 80º C to 250º C. (-110ºF to 480º F).
  • No harmful  toxic or physiological effects.
  • Chemically extremely stable and for use with many acids & alkalis.
  • Resistance to Ozone, Oxidation, UV. Corona discharge, cosmic radiation.
  • Electrically insulating with dielectric strength 500 V/mil.
  • Low flammability and low smoke.
  • Range :  Available in single core, double core on copper conductor.


  • Lighting Equipments.
  • Home Appliances.
  • Transformer & other electrical equipments.