Features :

  • Suitable for continuous  Operation.
  • Temp :   – 80º C to 250º C. (-110ºF to 480º F).
  • No harmful  toxic or physiological effects.
  • Chemically extremely stable and for use with many acids & alkalis.
  • Resistance to Ozone, Oxidation, UV. Corona discharge, cosmic radiation.
  • Electrically insulating with dielectric strength 500 V/mil.
  • Low flammability and low smoke.
  • Range :  In any colours From 1mm to any size as per customer requirement.


  • High temperature sealing applications.
  • Food and medical equipment, machinery.

Types of Mouldig :

O Ring, Oil Seal, Tri Clover Gasket, Rubber Mats & Pad, Washer & Bushes, endless gasket & Diapharms.